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Quick Scan


Wat leuk dat je Quick Scan hebt aangevraagd! Om je zo goed mogelijk te informeren hebben wij wat informatie over het proces nodig. Succes met invullen!

Describe your process and include any pre-conditions, inputs or triggers and outcomes.

High Level Assessment

Tell us about how this process works now. This section will help us compute a score for your idea. This is a score generated based on the as is suitability for automation and how ready it is to be automated.
Use the scale to indicate if the task/process is managed through precise and well-defined rules or if it is rather creative and irregular.
Use the scale to indicate if the input data is stored and accessible from a machine (mobile phone, laptop, server etc).
Use the scale to indicate if the format of the input data has a predictable format available in fixed fields, and is easily detectable via search algorithms (excels, tables with fixed structure) or if it can be described as not highly predictable and difficult to detect (web logs, multimedia content, customer service interactions and social media data).
Use the scale to indicate if the way in which you perform the task/process can vary or if changes are expected for the next 6 months. If you do not have visibility on upcoming changes then you can base your answer on your past experience with the task/process.
Having any documentation increases the readiness score and builds a stronger case for your idea to be automated. Attaching files is optional.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.