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Intelligent Process Automation & RPA


The abbreviation RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. It is a technique that is used within intelligent process automation. In particular, repetitive manual actions are taken off your hands and performed by a software robot or ‘bot’.

Organizations reduce operational costs by 30% by automating processes with RPA.


(Gartner, 2020)

Why should I use RPA?

You have too many activities with the following characteristics:

– They are repetitive

– Occur often

– Follow a structured process

You want to prevent human errors, which have a lot of impact

Human errors cannot be avoided. Yet these can have a lot of impact on a process. RPA can fix these errors.

You want processes that guarantee safety and personal protection

You have to (temporarily) migrate a lot of data from one application to another.

UI path

We work with UiPath


– A strong and clear focus on RPA

– Designed to automate entire organizations

– Ideal solution for integrations with no other solution.

– Grip and overview of the performance of all deployed bots

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Why Star Code

Starcode helps you automate your process driven and provides you with a solution and not just a product. For us, an RPA implementation is a process-driven project in which we base our approach on the Lean method.

After a discussion about the results, we are happy to advise you on the financial feasibility. And the steps that you can best take with an appropriate RPA strategy.