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Process Mining


Process Mining is a technique for analyzing processes. Based on data and with the help of software. With Process Mining you get a visual picture of the unnecessary steps and bottlenecks. You immediately see where you can improve and save costs.

Process mining is the basis for continuous process optimization.


Nick, process analyst

When do you use Process Mining?

  • You suffer from cost-inefficient processes
  • Your processes are too labor intensive
  • You want to deploy employees more efficiently
  • New employees are hard to find to support current processes
  • There are deviations in our process with regard to legislation and regulations (compliance)
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and margins require continuous improvement of processes,
UI path

We work with UiPath


  • A strong and clear focus.
  • Designed to automate entire organizations.
  • Ideal solution for integrations without any other solution.
  • Grip and overview of the performance of all deployed bots

How does Process Mining work?

With Process Mining software you can analyze the data of all types of actions that employees perform within a certain (sub) process.

Differences between existing and optimal process in pictures

The result of Process Mining is a clear visual image of the current process. But also what the differences are with a process without unnecessary steps and disruptions, in the field of:


  • Time that a process step takes
  • Value that process delivers
  • The sequence of actions
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Why Star Code

Starcode helps you automate your process driven and provides you with a solution and not just a product. For us, an RPA implementation is a process-driven project in which we base our approach on the Lean method.

After a discussion about the results, we are happy to advise you on the financial feasibility. And the steps that you can best take with an appropriate RPA strategy.