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Starcode Detect is a powerful tool that uses real data from your company to identify problems and opportunities for improvement. It utilizes analysis tools to quickly and accurately pinpoint areas for improvement and provides immediate insight into process efficiency. With Starcode Detect, you’ll receive data-driven recommendations that can be immediately investigated by your company.

Problems with processes, forecasting or planning.

Under- or overstock

Too much inventory can lead to unnecessary costs, while too little inventory can lead to missed sales and lost customers.

Low productivity

Companies that fail to optimize productivity may experience volatile performance. This can lead to higher costs and fewer satisfied customers.

No understanding of root causes

Failure to understand root causes can lead to wrong decisions and detrimental consequences for a company. Without a clear understanding of the causes of problems, it can be difficult to implement effective solutions.

Deciding without data

Companies that are unable to make decisions based on data run the risk of making wrong decisions that can negatively affect organizational performance.

Reactive working

Making wrong predictions can lead to reactive work, where the company is constantly working to solve problems that have already arisen. This can adversely affect the company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Decline in value

Without an understanding of inventory and other key KPIs, it is difficult to assess an organization’s financial situation. This can lead to depreciation in value and other adverse effects on the business.

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For whom?


If you’re struggling to analyze data manually using Excel and customer data reports, our tool can help. We understand that big data can be difficult to handle in these systems, so we use reports and interviews to understand business processes and identify problems.

CFO, Private Equity and CRO

If you only get reports on historical and budgeted data, you are missing valuable insights into your processes. We can help you see where there is room for operational and financial improvement by looking at the operational process with value and non-value creation, as well as cash flows and capital utilization.


If you’re missing full process data in LEAN management categories and the financial impact of operational process data, we can help. Our tool provides real-time data, making it easier to steer your company efficiently.


If you’re struggling to find the best approach to organizing data for your organization, we can help. With our tool, you’ll have access to all the data you need, and we’ll work with you to determine the best approach for your needs.


What it delivers


  1. Understanding root causes = better results
  2. Securing process = reliable market position
  3. Insight chain = efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Use best practices = barrier-free implementation
  5. Starcode detect = savings and more cash

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