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Welcome to Starcode Detect, the cost optimization solution for your organization.

Starcode Detect gives you insight into your IT spending and identifies areas where you can save money. Our solution combines data from your core applications and conversations with departments to get a complete picture of your IT environment and identify specific cost savings.

A business scan is like an x-ray for your business


– Richard Branson


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Why Starcode Detect? Because our solution helps cut costs and increase efficiency. We guarantee that you will save at least 30% on your TCO by using our solution. With Starcode Detect, you can easily save money on your IT expenses and maximize the value of your IT investments.

How it works.


Applying for Starcode Detect is easy. You can contact us using the form to the right or by phone. Our team conducts a two-day analysis to gather the data and create a detailed report and plan for your organization.

Day 1

Our team connects the tool to your core applications and conducts interviews with selected departments to gain a deeper understanding of their processes and experiences with software. This data is critical to understanding how the software is used, how satisfied users are and how often the software is used. This helps us understand the current state of the software and identify areas where improvements can be made or where the software can be replaced with more cost-effective solutions.

Day 2

We use the data collected to create a detailed report on your IT costs and usage. We work with your IT department to analyze this data and identify specific areas where cost savings can be realized. Based on this, we create a management presentation, including a roadmap for implementing the proposed changes and a budget for the required changes. This allows you to use your IT budget more effectively and maximize the value of your IT investments.