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Orthoproof is a company that specializes in 3D printing models of dentures. These are developed based on a 3D scan. These scans are taken by the orthodontists, who transfer them to Orthoproof as a 3D file (.STL format). Here, a 3D print of the teeth is made, which can be used in laboratories to make braces, etc.

Orthoproof is growing rapidly and receives hundreds of requests for model printing every day. In the current process, all those mails have to be opened and processed manually. This is a great example of a repetitive process that is very suitable to automate with RPA. Orthoproof is an inventive company at the forefront ofthe latest technologies. They want to do a little better every day RPA is therefore a perfect match for this ambition.

You can think of our RPA bot as a new digital colleague who is going to take the burden off the Orthoproof team with regard to all repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so that people can focus on things where they add value. Think for example of customer contact, creative processes or optimizing the organization.

This is a business case that breaks even within 1 year. After that, an ROI of almost 200% can be achieved.

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