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The Marvu shows that lean process optimization and automation with the help of RPA (robotic process automation) go well together. The company decided to invest in lean process optimization, while continuing to automate. The concrete result is, among other things, that production and stock management and layout have been greatly improved, and various processes have been automated.

Marc Vulders (CEO) explains: “The processing of spare parts in our ERP and PLM system is a manual and time-consuming process. Until recently, this process could not be further automated because it had to be performed in different systems. That changed with RPA.”

A attended RPA bot is started by an employee with a new spare part request. The (software) robot opens the ERP and PLM applications as a user would, and processes the information in the right way.

The big advantage of RPA is that the IT landscape does not need to be adjusted, and all business logic in the existing applications is fully respected. This is important from a compliance point of view. In this way it is always clear what has been done by the robot and when.

This success leaves you wanting more. Marvu has asked Starcode, among other things, to make an RPA solution for compiling manuals. A time-consuming and intensive job that can easily be performed by a software robot. RPA’s business case is quickly positive. On average, the investment pays for itself within six months.

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