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Lack of insight and grip

For a board member of a fast-growing company in manufacturing or construction, the time that can be spent on strategic issues is limited. This is because a day often consists of work that should have already been done and the resolution of acute problems. Much of this error and miscommunication that surfaces every day is caused by the fragmented application landscape.

Traditional software is often sold as a product that can solve many problems in an organization. The problem that is common is that the product does not cover the complete process. Some products can do this, but then regularly only 30 to 50 percent of the entire application is used. The rest of the product is paid for, but must be configured to be workable for employees again. In this situation, the same information is managed in two or more systems.

The solution

Thinkwise’s low-code platform can support the process with one appropriate application. Here the starting point is not the application, but the ideal process. In addition, specifically for the Thinkwise platform, any technical innovation can be used without migration.

Not every organization plans or is able to develop its own solutions. For this purpose, starcode has developed ‘templates’. These templates are based on the latest insights and years of experience in the manufacturing and construction industries. They provide a good basis for continuous process improvement. The templates provide solutions that can be used immediately.

The benefits

A major advantage of low-code is that development and customization can be done up to 10 times faster. Thus, using low-code, an organization can be much more innovative and agile words. In addition, use of Low-code ensures that information only needs to be managed in one place. The quality of the data is increased and the number of (possible) errors is reduced. Through smart workflows, machine learning and other use of artificial intelligence, the workload for purchasing, work preparation, planning and more is reduced by 35%. This gives an organization a kick start with an ROI that averages over 200%!

Is all this hard to imagine? We guarantee a migration within 12 months! We’d love to get acquainted, and tell you more about it. We are also happy to help you calculate what this could mean for your organization.

In short, this software fully aligns with the ideal process. As a result, continuous process improvement is not a wish, but a reality. A lot of time can be saved, a board member has fewer fires to put out, and the focus can return to the future of the organization.

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