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We provide valuable solutions for our customers precisely because we know their world and speak the same language. We see software and with it our solutions as an expression of our customers’ business processes. Right that is why we focus entirely on manufacturing . Our business consultants and analysts know your processes completely, and we learn more every day.

Starcode delivers business software that really fits your process


Opt for technology that doesn’t become obsolete, and future-proof your business within 12 months.



Innovative automation
solutions for your business

Customer success

At starcode, one thing is really central: how do we help our customers in the best way? We make this concrete, for example, by the way in which we serve our customers. marketing, sales and service work closely together systems in the same system, with the same goal: to make your business stronger.

Business analysis

We supply software products for your processes. In order to do this, we make your processes transparent and visual. Objectively based on your own data. In this way we make the best decisions together for your new business processes and application landscape.

Enterprise architecture

Building your information systems such as ERP, PLM, SCM , CRM, CPQ etc. is not possible without a good buildone. We make this design data-driven , based on years of experience and the latest techniques in the field of AI and machine learning , RPA and low code. business process modeling (BPM) and shaping your enterprise architecture is our profession.


We develop our RPA and low-code solutions based on proven agile methods. Everything we build should improve your bottom line. That is why we involve your team in the realization from design to testing and delivery. In a clear and efficient way.


Starcode can also offer a solution for your company


Starcode can also offer a solution for your company


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